By Victoria Kingsley

PNVSN: “I’m versatile, a storyteller who sings, that’s my unique selling point”

East London artist PNVSN dropped his much anticipated new single ‘Devil in The Detail’, a nostalgic RnB track about love and romance. 

Having grown up in a house that did not share his now roaring passion for music it was naturally against the odds that PNVSN would fall in love with music twice. As the consumer and as an artist. 

Softly spoken, he divulges into the vision for his career, love of music, and his hopes for the future, after the pandemic.

The name PNVSN is a combination of ‘envision’ and ‘pen’ symbolling the desire to story-tell through music. “It’s literally my experiences, good, bad and neutral, the name is a symbol of my penmanship as an artist PENVISION – spelled as PNVSN.” he says.

The foundations of artistry were set early on in life for artist PNVSN, being heavily involved with his choir in church, all it took was a much-needed shoulder nudge from his music teacher who told him that he could be the next John Legend. “I grew fonder of the idea of being an artist and at 17 I decided I’d pursue music and my artistry”, he says. 

In the midst of a global pandemic, PNVSN found the motivation to direct and produce a music video to go with his first solo release ‘Devil in the Detail’, meticulously following all the Covid-19 guidelines. The video was a big success, “I’ve got a vision and all my friends have a vision and we executed it”, he says, acknowledging and appreciating his friends for their support.

The inspiration behind the track ‘Devil in the Detail’ depicts the events of his last relationship. The track is a reinterpretation of the overlooked areas and signs that shows incompatibility in intimacy. The aim of the song and his musical ethos is to make music personal, so listeners are able to connect with and envision PNVSN’s world whilst simultaneously experiencing a world of their own through their lens. 

He says, “I challenge myself in the hook of the song by asking a rhetorical question ‘so why you asking?’ to emphasise the transparency of the signals beforehand, I already knew the answers to those questions, it all indicated we’d be better off going our separate ways, I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this situation in relationships.”

Although ‘Devil in the Detail’ is his first solo track, PNVSN has made an appearance in the albums of other artists such as east London artist 23 Unofficial in his 2018 intro track on the album ‘The Unofficial Album’. Unlike many artists of today, he’s not shy of giving recognition to the artist that came before him taking inspiration from fellow London artist Odeal and more specifically American singer, rapper, and songwriter Bryson Tiller. 

“I would love to collab with Bryson Tiller. I derive inspiration from many artists but the debut release of album Trapsoul shaped a particular moment of my life where I discovered a new sound and a new vibe that I hadn’t heard before. His impact on me at that time of his breakout into the scene was so spectacular for me to the point where I wanted to emulate his style, his aesthetic, and his sound. His seamless ability to transition between rapping and singing on RnB/Trap beats was like nothing I had ever heard” PNVSN says with a breath of fascination. 

Although inspired by others he is still confident that his music differs from most and does not limit his sound to any specific genre. “I’m versatile, a storyteller who sings, that’s my unique selling point”, he says.

The covid-19 pandemic has restricted physical interaction with people therefore the music industry has taken a hard hit with live performances being the biggest casualty. Once we gain some sort of normalcy, PNVSN looks forward to connecting with fans of his music and sharing his experiences with them, connecting with them through live performances. 

“The ultimate immersion and connection with music is through live performance. The thrill and the vibrations felt with music you connect with is unmatched because it’s a connection with the body and the mind. Those experiences are lodged in your mind forever. So, to be able to create great musical experiences with lovers of my music would be amazing.” he says.

“Walk with God, not behind, not in front but beside you,” PNVSN says is the best advice he has ever been given, “you can’t predict the future and what’s going to be the best thing for you at any given moment so just stay moving”, he says. With this humble and dedicated approach to ‘storytelling through music’ and artistry, it seems inevitable that PNVSN is one to keep an eye on as he plans to release new music in the months to come.


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